Our Process

The creation of exceptional work requires passion, but that needs to be backed up with skill, attention to detail and a desire to engage so that all parties have a memorable experience.

At Minster, we will;

  • Meet with you and discuss your ideas and needs, observe the surroundings, your likes, your colour preferences, make suggestions and guide you. We will make hand sketches to help you visualize your ideas.
  • Produce technical drawings showing the details and construction, with elevations and dimensions. We’ll provide you with samples of the materials we’ve discussed for your approval and enjoyment.
  • Following your confirmation and any amendments that may arise schedule your furniture for making by our team of craftsmen. We’ll select only the best materials available. Your furniture will be monitored throughout its creation to ensure the highest standards and your expectations are met.
  • On completion of your furniture we will schedule delivery and our own installation team will either place the furniture in position or install it.

“Anyone can make something, anyone can buy something if they choose, it takes a special team to make a piece of furniture that is a pleasure for all involved and a memorable experience.”

Martin Stones, Managing Director


from sketch to finished bespoke joinery